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About nettie

Welcome to nettie, a proudly South African brand, where each item is specially handmade for your little one in a home based studio.


Our vision is to create soft, comfortable garments that represent the life of a newborn – playful, yet simple. We imagine creating a world where our garments are not only soft and comforting for your child, but also bring a sense of calmness and simplicity into your daily environment. We want to use our garments to create a world for you and your baby that feel less busy and more serene and balanced.




our promise

nettie promise to use only the highest quality in fabrics, mainly cotton. Being made of natural fibres, the textiles are biodegradable, which makes the garment not only feel super soft on your child’s skin, but is also better for our mother earth. The reason why our garments feel so soft and friendly on the skin is because cotton fabrics have hypoallergenic properties. Our garment are highly absorbent, wicking away any moisture from your little one’s skin. Being all weather textiles, your baby will stay cool on a summer’s day and warm on a winter’s day. Our garment are not only very durable due to the fabrics we use, but also make them very easy to clean, which is wonderful for those tough stains.


Conveniently shop our lovely range online, where simplicity roams freely, softness and comfort absorbs you and peace and balance is restored.


Hugs & Kisses